About CCAP

Focusing on the unfolding campaign in weekly snapshots, the 2012 CCAP is a forty-four week rolling cross-section with a pre and post election interview of those respondents. The study first gathers baseline information for all participants, starting in December 2011. Next, the study will field 44 weekly surveys of 1000 adults representative of the U.S. population up until the November election. Finally a post election survey of all participants will be conducted immediately after the election. The baseline and post election surveys include only common content. The weekly surveys during the election year include 10 minutes of common content and 10 minutes (approximately 40 questions) of purchased team content.

44 Waves of CCAP
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Campaign Dynamics Graph

The nomination race has been lively and changing over 2012. The graph below indicates changing support for the Republican candidates.

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How to Participate

Cost: Participation in CCAP is priced at $17,000.

Discounts: If you and your team select a week prior to October, the participation is priced at $15,300. Additionally, if you choose to buy two modules (or more), each weekly module is priced at $15,300.

To participate in CCAP you can simply:

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Weeks & Teams

Each week prior to the 2012 election the CCAP study is in the field. When CCAP participants reserve and purchase a weekly sample, their ten minute survey module, in combination with the common content, is fielded to a representative sample of 1000 US adults. These 1000 respondents will have completed a baseline survey in December 2011 and the 2012 post election survey. Current CCAP participants are identified below.

Saturday-FridayWeekSurvey Team 1Survey Team 2Milestones
Dec 2-31 Common Content
Jan 7-Jan 13 Week 44 Iowa Caucus (3rd)
Jan 14-Jan 20 Week 43 New Hampshire Primary (10th)
Jan 21-Jan 27 Week 42 South Carolina Primary (21st)
Jan 28-Feb 3 Week 41 Florida Primary (31st), Nevada Caucus (4th)
Feb 4-Feb 10 Week 40 Nevada Caucus (4th), Colorado, Minnesota, & Missouri (7th)
Feb 11-Feb 17 Week 39 Maine (4th-11th)
Feb 18-Feb 24 Week 38
Feb 25-March 2 Week 37 Arizona, Michigan, & South Carolina (D only) (28th)
March 3-March 9 Week 36
Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday (Washington, Georgia, Idaho, Mass, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming)
March 10-March 16 Week 35 Alabama, American Samoa, Hawaii, Mississippi
March 17-March 23 Week 34 Puerto Rico
March 24-March 30 Week 33 Louisiana
March 31-April 6 Week 32
April 7-April 13 Week 31
April 14-April 20 Week 30
April 21-April 27 Week 29 Iyengar & Brady
April 28-May 4 Week 28
May 5-May 11 Week 27
May 12-May 18 Week 26
May 19-May 25 Week 25
May 26-June 1 Week 24
June 2-June 8 Week 23
June 9-June 15 Week 22
June 16-June 22 Week 21 Richard Lau
June 23-June 29 Week 20
June 30-July 6 Week 19
July 7-July 13 Week 18
July 14-July 20 Week 17
July 21-July 27 Week 16
July 28-Aug 3 Week 15
Aug 4-Aug 10 Week 14
Aug 11-Aug 17 Week 13
Aug 18-Aug 24 Week 12
Aug 25-Aug 31 Week 11 Republican National Convention
Sept 1-Sept 7 Week 10 Democratic National Convention
Sept 8-Sept 14 Week 9 Ted Carmines
Sept 15-Sept 21 Week 8 Matthew Hibbing
Sept 22-Sept 28 Week 7 John Geer
Sept 29-Oct 5 Week 6
Oct 6-Oct 12 Week 5
Oct 13-Oct 19 Week 4
Oct 20-Oct 26 Week 3
Oct 27-Nov 2 Week 2 Greg Huber and Alan Gerber
Nov 3-Nov 5 Week 1 Harold Clark tentatively
Paul Beck
Nov 6-Nov 12 CCAP Post Election Common
Nov 7-Nov 30 tentatively
Paul Beck
Post Election Follow-up
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